Contemporary Paintings - Wild Poems

Exhibition of Zet Michell's paintings


From Monday 3 June 2019 to Tuesday 18 June 2019

Exposition à la Galerie K de Tokyo , du 3 au 8 juin 2019, où les Tokyoïtes ont appréciés et admirés les œuvres.

Exposition à la Galerie M de Séoul , du 12 au 18 juin 2019 puis au Contemporary Art Show de Séoul.

About Zet Michell

  • ZET MICHELL dans son atelier


    Fascinated by the duality between the material world and that of the invisible, I take you on a journey of reflection inviting us to think differently about our existence, leaving us with our feet on the ground and our heads in the stars...

    " I talk about what I receive from the world, because the world is beautiful, it is yours, it is mine. I'm talking to you from the inside, from within us.
    There is substance, there is air."


    From this fertile painting are born temperamental canvases, in mixed techniques, in oil, knife or brush, enriched with metal sheets (silver, gold, copper, aluminium) and sometimes enhanced with gem powder such as lapis lazuli, opal, ruby, or amethyst, for a precious and flamboyant painting, in a resolutely contemporary approach.

    Coming from a family of artists, a former student of the Ecole du Louvre and a Member of the French Artists' Association, ZET MICHELL creates canvases of temperament with figurative expression, whose dreamlike inspiration, far from the beaten track, is free of any academicism and rich in sincere emotions.

    My career path is rich in exhibitions in various art fairs and personal exhibitions.

    My works have been presented abroad, in Germany, Japan, Belgium and recently in Montpellier, Lausanne (Switzerland) as well as in galleries in Paris, Biarritz, Fréjus, and I am in collaboration with Bruno Massa Gallery in Paris.

Belong to the French Artists group

Since 1984

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